When is payment due?
Payment is expect in full 2 weeks prior to your pick up date.
If ordering within the 2 weeks payment is required 48 hours after confirming.
NO order will be started until payment is received.
Where can I pick up?
We currently have 3 locations you can collect your order. (Please note location pick up will depend on business hours)

– Kirsty’s Creative Cakes
– Skipton St Bakery
– Nutrition Empire

How many people can a round cake serve?
(Standard party serving size is 2″ x 2″)

4″ – 4 People
6″ – 8 People
8″ – 14 People
10″ – 21 People
12″ – 28 People

How are custom orders charge?
Any custom design is priced by calculating – (flavour price x cake serving amount) + (decoration cost x quantity) = cost.

When you choose your design an itemised quote will be emailed to you. This allows you to see exactly what you re getting.

Can you cook any style and flavor of cake?
No. Due to kitchen registration level we can not decorate any cakes with creams or cheeses. This means we cannot make cakes such as sponge, black forest, cheese or carrot cakes. We apologise if this causes any inconvenience.
Why choose Kirsty's Cretive Cakes?
We pride ourselves on making all our cakes and cupcakes with love. All products are cooked locally in ballarat from scratch in a registered kitchen.
What is the VIP club all about?

After you have made your first purchase you will be invited to become a VIP or SIGN UP today (on the home page). You will receive a monthly newsletter with all the latest deals and specials, you will be able to order from our monthly VIP exclusive offers.

What are the payment methods?
Bendigo bank
– Name: Kirstys Creative Cakes
– BSB: 633 000
– Account: 154669378

– Email: KCCBallarat@outlook.com
– Paypal.me/KCCBallarat

How much notice is needed?
We will always try our very best to complete an order for you. To avoid disappointment we do recommend contacting us at least 4-6 prior to your event.
How many people can a square cake serve?
(Standard party serving size is 2″ x 2″)

4″ – 4 People
6″ – 9 People
8″ – 16 People
10″ – 25 People
12″ -36 People

What does 'baked from scratch' mean?
This simply means we do not use packet mixes when cooking our cakes
Is your kitchen registered?
Are your cakes Gluten, nut or dairy free?
They can be! While not all creations are allergy friendly, we are happy to create something just for you which meets your dietary requirements.

(Please note we do not have a separate kitchen for allergy products. This means we cannot confirm there will be no traces in your product)

What is the difference between Mud and Butter cake?
Chocolate butter cake is made using cocoa where chocolate mud cake is made using melting chocolate